Browser Ramblings: Lost & Found

lost and found

Lost & Found‘s by Big Green Pillow and was made for Ludum Dare #31, whose theme revolves around having the entire game confined on one screen.

You play as this guy stumbling around a museum after hours, with a security robot and lasers prepped. However, because of the game’s theme of having to be confined in one screen, the whole experience is presented through a bunch of security screens from different angles. If the game was presented in a normal manner, getting to the end would be real easy, but the different angles complicates that a bit.

It’s a short and nice experimental game that approaches the one-screen gimmick of the game jam in a cool way. The models are real simple but I kinda like them – it makes me feel that the screens are low quality. While you’re playing this cacophony of radios and alarms play around you, as if whatever guard should be present is just kinda lazing around as you try to figure out where your character is in relation to everything as you move him around. Which is kinda the case when you get to the end.

Lost & Found‘s short but a neat idea so give it a go.

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