About the Site Runner

I’m Dari, also known as scitydreamer and I’m a graduate in Journalism and Media Studies. I obviously use this blog to talk about indie games, because I want to give a platform for more niche stuff and also, I can’t afford these dang ol’ triple-A games and newfangled systems. I usually try to cover a variety of things, but I really lean toward the RPG Maker scene.

I also try to make my own games, detailed in “Personal Projects.” I mainly play around with RPG Maker and Twine, but I want to get a hang of Game Maker so that I can make some more complex stuff one day. I just hope that my games aren’t too bad that I won’t look like a hypocrite with regards to my game ramblings.

About Reviews

My reviews will never use review scores, because I think review score culture is bad. There’s plenty of people that will only care about the score, not wanting to look into why the game they’re looking forward got the score it got. If you give a score too low, the nerds will declare you to be a piece of garbage. Give a score too high and they’ll be convinced that you were paid off, even if the developer is impoverished or whatever. So fuck all that, no scores ever.

If you reach out to me to check out games, please be aware that I’m the only person running this site, I’m a current college student and I also have a job. I’m not likely to cover stuff unless it’s a short demo or something that I’d be really into.

I’m also incapable of running a bunch of things properly, usually 3D games. So hey, here’s some system specs to let you know if I can actually run your game or not:

  • Processor: AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD¬† Radeon R5 Graphics 2.00 GHz
  • RAM: 4.00 GB

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