I’m Darian, also known as scitydreamer . The username can be seen as “sincitydreamer” because that’s where I live. It can also be taken as “silverstatecitydreamer” in a very roundabout way.

I attend university as a journalism and media major, which in hindsight wasn’t the best career decision with current attitudes toward that. So thus, I turn my eyes toward niche article work , mainly writing about games. I mainly want to talk about indie games, because I want to give attention to more niche stuff and also I can’t afford these dang ol’ triple-A games and newfangled systems. Just know that I’ll never give games scores because I think review score culture is bad.

I also try to make my own games. I mainly play around with RPG Maker and Twine, but I want to get a hang of Game Maker so that I can make some more complex stuff one day. I just hope that my games aren’t too bad that I won’t look like a hypocrite with regards to my game ramblings.

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