Personal Projects

I try to work on my own games, which I’m sure makes me look like a damn hypocrite on writing about games if you think they’re bad.

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To Crime Nirvana: My entry for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017. It’s a boss game where a former gangster, his occultist boyfriend and their cat fight a bunch of gang leaders trying to attain the sacred status of Crime Nirvana.

[itch.iorpgmaker.netGame Jolt]

NASU Plus - v 0.02 12_30_2016 3_01_49 PM

NASU Plus: An unconventional Yume Nikki fangame that plays as a shooter. It’s currently on version 0.03b, which has three stages that also loops around. May or may not pick it back up in the future; Super NASU in the new Yume Nikki is too good.

[itch.ioGame Jolt]


Dreaming of Shadow: A Twine about a person that loves collecting games merchandise and their quest to get a statue of Shadow the Hedgehog from some asshole.




A Gang of Weirdos: Short game made in RPG Maker MV about finding the souls of dead worlds. This game is definitely flawed but it was the first game I ever finished for the winter 2016 My First Game Jam, so I’m proud of it regardless.

[itch.iorpgmaker.netGame Jolt]

Innocent Gamer 3_30_2016 11_07_06 PM

Innocent Gamer: Short visual novel about your average gaming Twitter egg, hero of all gamers.

[itch.ioGame Jolt]

GameMaker_ Studio 7_22_2016 2_20_06 AM

Little Red: A top-down shooter game starring Little Red Riding Hood on the way to grandma’s house, with one-hit deaths and poorer quality Isaac shooting. Made for the summer 2016 My First Game Jam.

[itch.iorpgmaker.netGame Jolt]


We Are Finally Undead Cowboys: A twine about a cowboy assassin that must kill a cowboy necromancer. Play in your browser here.


Treasure Quest!!: A strange treasure hunter named Quiddity heads to an underground land to join the people pursuing an Unknown Treasure. This is a cancelled project that can also be played in the browser.

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