drowning, drowning

A young girl named Maia sits by the sea all alone. Suddenly, something emerges from the sea: a fish lady going by Amphithoe (or Am). Am invites her to visit the world underwater and she quietly agrees. Am also gives Maia the ability to breathe underwater by kissing her. You know, girls just being girls.

Drowning, Drowning is the latest game by Nami, a creator that mainly specializes in wlw visual novels and walking simulators. Last year, I checked out her Romance Detective games, which I enjoyed; due to my changing stances on police though, the main characters’ exemption from ACAB are up to debate.

You play as Maia roaming around an underwater city, talking to goofy individuals and picking up seashells. Among the more standard sea life are some humanoid fish girls that are delighted to have her around. Besides Am, there’s her more straightlaced friend Clio and Eudora, the humble reasonable royal of the city, who all have cute CGs of girls just being girls with Maia. Also, there’s a crab girl, but I don’t think you can hang out with her.

But it’s not all fun and games. As stated on the game page, there’s a deeper reason for Maia’s presence in the underwater city and there’s some horror elements. So, going in, I thought it was going to end up being one of those games where everything is cutesy then turns grimdark. You know how it be with RPG Maker horror games.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take that kind of turn. The friendliness of all these sea creatures are sincere. Am did have an ulterior motive in bringing Maia underwater, but she drops it when she realizes that it’s unfeasible and still values their potential friendship/relationship.

The true problem lies with Maia, though not in the way you expect. For unspecified reasons, she suffers from a lack of self worth and feels choked up (or rather, drowning) on the surface. She instead wishes to become part of this world, though, she’s unsure if she considers herself worthy of it.

For her, it’s an escapist fantasy made manifest, where she’s got funny talking fish friends and cute fish girls to hang with. And for players, it’ll also be a brief sweet escape from our horrible reality. Anyway, all cops are bastards and this game is worth checking out, thank you.

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