Gacha Hell: Granblue Fantasy – 3

Alright, it’s time for another installment of this! It’s been (looks at calendar) uh, almost half a year since the last we’ve seen of Granblue Fantasy. Fuck.

I’ve been extremely on-and-off with the game, due to a whole lot of things. At the very least, I dropped by to do anniversary rolls and did some Valentine’s stuff. Here’s a bunch of SSRs I got. Also Lancelot and Vane out on their beach date.

The posse heads to the Auguste Isles, which is a nice tropical style piece of the sky. Upon arrival, a bunch of pirate looking fellows harass them, but their leader, Eugen, calls them off. He’s an old acquaintance of Rackam, working as a mercenary for Auguste, which is currently at war with the Erste Empire. Though, instead of fighting on the frontlines, he’s working on clearing the unaddressed monster threat, which he then subcontracts to the our heroes. Besides that, he’ kind of a horny old guy, so I don’t respect him.

After a few battles, Eugen goes into the specifics of the conflict, revealing that the conflict is over the empire polluting Auguste’s oceans for the sake of weapon development. Along with clearing out the monsters, he’s on the hunt for said weapon facility. On the way there, the heroes discuss the island’s primal, who is, wow, Leviathan, who would have thought that was the guardian deity of the water island? Anyway, there’s some underwater mech but the posse beats the shit out of it. However, Lyria thinks there’s still something up with the ocean… hmm…

Back at the nearest town, Eugen’s boys had captured an imperial agent and it turns out to be a woman named Farrah, who was Katalina’s charge before she defected. However, Farrah refuses to spill what she knows because she’s too loyal to her conception of Katalina, back when she was serving a fascist empire for… some reason. I still don’t understand why Katalina joined up with them at all. Anyway, Rackam manages to trick some information out of her.

They make good on the information and head to the Tzannis Plateau, where a bunch of imperial soldiers are holed up. Upon seeing the Black Knight among them, Eugen’s heart is filled with a powerful homicidal rage and he rushes in to fight. That not-Lalafell, Furias is also here, and he winds up taking the posse on instead. And by that, I mean he just sends a bunch of jobber monsters to fight. They get easily destroyed and the posse starts talking about the Black Knight, filling Eugen in on what’s going on. He goes, “oh sick,” and joins as a playable character. I will never put him in the same party as Ladvia.

During this whole time, Lyria has been trying to sense out Leviathan, but she finds herself hit with feelings of unease, as if the primal is hungry. While Auguste’s army shows up to fight the imperial soldiers, a small detachment chases the posse. Katalina’s like, “oh no the empire doesn’t chase down retreating soldiers,” and like. Fucking come on. Why were you in this army. This detachment of soldiers is being led by Pommern, you know, that guy from the first post. He’s still big mad about the first chapter so he wants to take his revenge on the heroes to cope.

In the midst of all this, the empire’s ships are suddenly attacked by Leviathan in retaliation for ocean pollution, which would be a sick thing to happen in real life. Pommern however is too focused on his bloodlust to care. He reveals his own powers that he gained from primal research, turning into a huge beast. Thankfully, he turns into a dark-elemental monster and my light team is fucking busted, so just using skills was enough to destroy him. Pommern does the whole “I’m not owned” routine and leaves with the empire, which would be good except for the fact that Leviathan’s still out there eating things. Thankfully, now that Leviathan’s more active, Lyria could trace where it is.

On the way up, Eugen reveals that he has a daughter and thus somehow fucked in the past. Leviathan’s seas are capable of healing people and has healed his daughter before and he wishes to repay its blessing by protecting its seas. And to repay it, they have to beat it up to make it calm down. I dunno, those plot points don’t really go anywhere and I don’t think it ever will.

Anyway, we beat Leviathan up and calm it down. Lyria calls on her powers to absorb Leviathan’s spare energy when the Black Knight shows up with that one mysterious girl. As it turns out, she also has the power to absorb primal energy. The posse asks what the deal with that is but the Black Knight says that they’ll have to catch them at the Lumacie Archipelago if they want answers. The posse doesn’t really have any other lead, so they decide to head on over.

Well, that’s my summary of the third chapter of Granblue Fantasy. I’ll keep playing it so you don’t have to, and hopefully, it won’t take fucking forever for me to get another installment out.

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