Kio’s Adventure

You ever dove into something thinking that it’d be good but end up bailing on it because it absolutely disgusted you? That’s what Kio’s Adventure is and Kio’s Adventure is a personal lesson to me to actually read Steam user reviews.

Kio’s Adventure is an adventure horror game by Spacelight Studio. You play as a young girl named Kio, awaiting to start school with her friends named, uh, Illusion and Domini. However, while eating out at a restaurant, an earthquake happens and Kio finds herself locked up in a dungeon in a world turned upside-down.

So: content warning for pedophilia and rape. Yeah.

So, before you even buy the game, you’ll see that the game’s Steam page description is poorly written. It doesn’t exactly leave a good impression, but I thought that the screenshots and video seemed neat and hey, the game’s two dollars, might as well grab it.

I really should have read the details of the game more closely, but then again, they didn’t fully represent how bad the game would be.

I thought that the poorly written description was maybe a mistake on marketing, but as it turned out, the whole game is badly translated. Sitting through the dialogue at the beginning of the game is an awkward mess that you just can’t take seriously. When the horror of the game makes itself known, the writing really mitigates that horror when it’s present.

Speaking of, as Kio awakens in her blood covered cell with the strange portrait, you’ll also notice, um, panties. You find panties throughout the whole game that acts as your save point, which is, uh. It just reads bad horny anime vibes. But thankfully, the whole game can’t be like that, right?

Oh, I was such a poor fool. The game is absolutely horny and in all the worst ways possible.

Not too far from the start, you find a painting that you have to put a heart and a head in. You get them from girls who are trapped in the same dungeon. They are naked when you find them and you watch as they are viscerally sawed apart. One of them was also your friend Illusion, who is definitely underaged.

I took a break for a few minutes, because what the fuck. Then I returned and forced myself to play some more. I accidentally stepped in spikes. I was awarded with a game over screen showing a skirt upshot of your underaged character being impaled by spikes with one spike impaling her… Yeah.

So. Kio’s Adventure is absolutely a gore game that’s horny about high school girls. There’s even a gallery at the main menu for the fucks that want to appreciate the stuff.

I forced myself to play on. The ratings on the game are mostly positive, so maybe there’s got to be something actually good here. Something that makes the game slightly okay.

But really, Kio’s Adventure is no different from a lot of horror RPG Maker games. There is a fighting mechanic where you can equip guns and shoot enemies in your line of sight which is neat, but it doesn’t redeem this game for me. The story is bad and I’m not sure if it’s because of the poor translation job or if the story is terrible even if it had a good translation. The game does succeed in scaring me, but a lot of that sense of horror mingles with the sense of disgust I had at the game’s imagery.

I tried to push myself on. But then I got to the scene after the library. Kio’s in a city full of zombies but is rescued by a man. And then he drugs her with the heavily implied intent to rape and kill her. And during all this it cuts to Kio’s friend Domini, your underaged friend who is shown being tortured while naked.

And that’s the point that I decided to quit altogether. There’s no redeeming qualities. The game just keeps being disgusting and it’s not worth putting up with to see if the game gets good. The screenshots and trailer hides all this bad stuff, which is reasonable, because I’m pretty sure Steam would actually stop being libertarian and kick this game off if they saw what this game actually was. The Steam reviews either have low standards or they’re also a bunch of fucks. But I really should have read the first Steam review, because it was a negative one that described the problems of the game perfectly. That one user is okay. Everyone else can go to hell.

Kio’s Adventure is bad. Don’t play it. Don’t buy it. There are better, non-gross horror games made in RPG Maker. In fact, hey, the Witch’s House got an updated version up on Steam and that was a game I really liked, play that instead.


  1. For every Yume Nikki, Ib, and Witch’s House, there must be a hundred garbage RPG Maker games trying to imitate them. And bad writers always seem to think “the more shock value, the better.”


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