Unholy Heights (Switch version)

I decided to Switch things up this week by checking something out on the Nintendo Switch, because I welcome the Switch’s ability to let me play stuff while curled up in a blanket. For Black Friday, I got a few indie stuff for Switch that I’ve been meaning to check out.

Today, we’re looking at the Switch version of Unholy Heights, a game made by Petit Depotto. In this game, you are literally and figuratively the devil, acting as landlord for a tenement building in a blend of simulation and tower defense. Gather minions by renting out apartments to wandering monsters and have your tenants fight your battles while you seize rent from them on a quest for world domination.

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Nanuleu (IGMC Version)

So, we continue looking at some past games made for past IGMC’s as I help out on my team’s entry for that. We at the Gay Punk Squad will hopefully finish Crime Nirvana before the deadline.

I was originally going to check out Corrine Cross’s Dead & Breakfast, which was the 1st place winner overall for IGMC 2015, but the download link for the IGMC version of the game seems to be dead. Thank goodness IGMC 2017 is on itch.io, land of free game hosting that isn’t likely to dead link.

I was also going to look at a game called Free Spirits, winner of the RPG Maker engine prize (not to be confused with Grist of Flies, winner of the RPG genre prize), but then I found out that there was some bad stuff between the creators and I don’t want to elevate that kind of stuff. So, I stepped away from my comfort zone of RPG Maker games to check out the 2nd place overall winner, Nanuleu.

Nanuleu 10_20_2017 3_46_26 PM

Nanuleu is a game made by the members of Selva Interactive, consisting of Carlos Villagran and Alhvi Balcarcel. Unlike the other IGMC games I looked at, Nanuleu was revisited and polished and can be bought on Steam or Humble for $2.99. For the sake of keeping consistent with past writings, we’ll be looking at the version released for IGMC as is.

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