It’s Awards Season, Folks

We’re reaching that time of the year where game sites and personalities make up lists of their favorite games released this year to honor them and to validate the feelings of fans of those games. This year is more special however, as it’s the last year of the 2010s. On top of the usual list, people are going to be out here compiling lists for their favorite games of the decade, which I’m sure is a harder thing to decide.

So that’s why you dear readers will be the ones deciding! In 2017, I tried doing an awards thing, but I acknowledged that my experiences were too limited to make a proper game of the year list on account of this being a one-person joint. In 2018, I harnessed the power of Google Forms to make this a reader directed thing, and this year, you’ll all be doing it again – except now, you’ll also be choosing your favorite indie games from each year in this decade!

The voting period will be open until Christmas Eve and links to the polls will be provided in the side bar right over there. For the sake of convenience, you can also access them here:

2019 Awards Poll

Best of the 2010s Poll

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