It’s YIIK Part 7.

(Warning: Stepping on poison causes the screen to flash and there’s a lot of poison in this video, so consider this an epilepsy warning!)

YIIK is a very special kind of game in that it keeps finding new ways to waste your time.

Want to open that chest? Well, better hope it’s not a mimic, who is ridiculously tanky and can drag the battle on for 10 minutes.

Just want to get to the next plot point? Here’s a long cutscene for an almost unrelated sidequest that’s mandatory to watch and gives a goofy, undeserved moral dilemma.

Then after that, you have to listen to an old guy tell a story that goes on for a few minutes that’s completely unrelated to anything going on. I feel that the story is supposed to be like how Michael and Rory were shaming Alex about not making the best of his life or trying to find new ambitions, but at the end everyone’s like “cool story.” It’s a waste of time, I take back what I said about YIIK not having narrative filler in the last part. But also, it’s funny because this guy has more character development than Michael’s had in the entire game at this point.

But see the thing is, this entire video is a waste of time because of something we learn at the end of this sequence. I will not say what is, you must see it for yourself. I was on the verge of a heated gaming moment and I would have thrown my controller if not for the fact that PS4 controllers cost $40.

We also get a proper look at the two new party members, and not gonna lie, they rule so far. Well, Claudio’s walking on thin ice with his anime rant, but unless he’s one of those ahegao shirt people, I still respect him.

Claudio is a weeb that carries around a sword, but he actually attacks with a hacky sack he carries around. His normal attack has you hold down a button and release it in a zone. Now, if you release it perfectly in the small green blip, Claudio’s attack hits the whole group of enemies. Because of this, Claudio is easily one of the most practical attackers, as long as you get your timing down. He has a skill, but I haven’t gotten around to using it yet because his normal attack already gets the job done.

Chondra fights with a hula hoop that you have to time button presses to build up a combo. It’s a good version of Alex’s attack. Most of Chondra’s skills put her into stances that drains HP or PP in exchange for hitting harder. I can actually see a kinda synergy with Rory by letting her do the HP sucking stance while Rory protects her from lethal damage.

But most importantly, Chondra has the “Spread Item” skill, which lets her use an item on the entire party and this shit is actually busted. Get her to use a BLT and the party heals for half their HP with little hassle. Like dude, you are a fool if you don’t keep her in your party.

So yeah, there’s those bright spots in all of this. I’m not sure how my party composition will be looking in the future, but Claudio and Chondra’s definitely in it.

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