Grimoirtua: Jam Organizer and Writer

We (aka just me) here at Indie Hell Zone are celebrating Gay Wrath Month, for multiple reasons. For one thing, I feel that I didn’t do enough Pride Month stuff last month as I should have, especially since I started my cursed YIIK let’s play. Another thing is that it’s my birthday this month and anger is forever. To properly kick coverage off, we’re not looking at a game, but a game creator.

Grimoirtua, or G.C. Baccaris, mainly writes interactive fiction. Her body of work consists of a bunch of Twine stuff, some Bitsy stuff and a little helping of RPG Maker. A lot of her work are jam or contest submissions, written out to fulfill the aims of whatever it’s asking.

Unmaking, Unmade, for instance, is a mix of a bunch of this stuff. It is a Twine game with interludes made in Bitsy that was a runner up in a game jam run by sub-Q, an interactive magazine for interactive fiction. It’s a short game about watching a strange VHS. It’s surreal and somewhat terrifying.

Which seems to be something that can be used to describe a lot of her work. Most of her work has some surreal or magical realism bent to it. One that was personally striking to be was Root of Wisdom, a story where somebody tells about an experience having their teeth worked on in parallel with ramblings about an old game about teeth that has “creepypasta game” energy surrounding it. As somebody that is deeply scared of stuff happening to my teeth, it’s very uncomfortable.

Aside from making her own games, Grimoirtua encourages others to make games with her game jams. Grimoirtua hosts the MytholoJams, game jams that encourage participants to explore the cultures of ancient civilizations in game form.

While the first few MytholoJams focused on Greek and Roman culture, the Spring 2019 MytholoJam, the World MytholoJam, opened things up by encouraging a look at cultures around the world. Super Senet reimagines a game played by Ancient Egyptians while Ke Akua reimagines a survival game through the lens of Polynesian deities.

In October, Grimoirtua is going to mix things up with the Cryptid Jam, asking participants to make games about cryptids in light of the season. People can currently sign up in advance.

She is also currently developing a visual novel called Heretic’s Hope, where you play as the only human in a feudal society of bugs.

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