Releases, Demos and Upcoming Things #3

It’s been a while since I did this and kinda long overdue. Been having some anxiety checking out new games because as somebody trying to make something myself, I’d hate to discourage another person if I think their thing isn’t good, because I feel that. But uh, we gotta get around to doing things eventually, so here’s some of the best stuff sent to my inbox!

The Magnet Trials

Developer: Tri Pie Interactive
Release: Feb. 22 2019
Price: $17.99

This is a first-person action puzzle game where you play as a scientist armed with a magnet gun. The magnet gun is used to pull together magnetic objects and invoke the laws of physics to fight hostile robots and solve puzzles. Hopefully the game makes the most out of its concept!

Game Soup

Developer: Game Soup LLC
Release: Feb 11. 2019
Price: $2.99

YouTube channel Game Soup gets into the game making fray themselves with their self-titled game. This is a WarioWare-esque collection of games that parody a whole bunch of games in general and man, there needs to be more WarioWare-type stuff out there.

This was one I actually wanted to play and was capable of playing but the download code they sent me was already used? I felt that I should have asked them to send me another but I didn’t want them thinking I was trying to finesse them for game keys. WarioWare experiences are good though so I’ll probably pick it up anyway some day.

Dictionary to the Known World

Developer: thecatamites
Release: Feb. 17, 2019

If you’re familiar with this blog, you know that I’m a fan of thecatamites and RPG Maker games. Both of those things have converged with his entry to the Lost Histories Jam, Dictionary to the Known World, which is a text dump of old RPG Maker experiences. As somebody that wrote an article on RPG Maker game preservation, it’s extremely my shit. Don’t come at me with the “this is not a game” nonsense, it’s good.

Bugs Must Die

Developer: DG Games Workshop
Release: March 29

A while ago I covered the demo of a twin-stick shooter called Bugs Must Die. I thought that it had a solid foundation but there were a lot of things I thought was messy about it.

This game was originally going to come out in January, but the developers actually decided to delay it to March so that they can polish it up, which I think is a good move on their part! As I said earlier, I’m scared of upsetting up-and-coming developers, so I’m glad that they’re taking my criticisms to heart!


Developer: Overcome Studios
Release: Feb. 27

A 2D platformer made after the creator’s own traumatic incidents, Overcome is a platformer where you’re attacked by your inner demons. However, you may not have to fight them. With a shield in hand, you’re encouraged to push on through and jump over whatever adversities are in your way in a metaphorical journey about, well, overcoming.

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