Cement Mixer Simulator 2003

Let’s briefly talk about simulator games. There was that trend of legitimate simulator games, play versions of legitimate real life stuff, like Train Simulator and Eurotruck Simulator. Then, there was the trend of jokes. The trend of simulator games that were extremely exaggerated jokes. What best represents that trend is definitely Goat Simulator, famed meme game.

Cement Mixer Simulator 2003 7_19_2017 11_22_27 PM

Cement Mixer Simulator 2003 meanwhile is a perfectly legitimate experience in cement mixing. This game is made by claufiersoft, who, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, may recognize as the person behind the Trade Effluent game from the Dream Diary Jam.

You start the game out in what seems to be an apartment complex, acting as a hub of sorts. Presumably, you have just woken up to go to your job – truly, it’s a game that embraces realism. The game’s realistic to the point that it embraces the mundane aspects of life, walking around to get to places you need to be and meeting up with locals. While the world doesn’t look realistic per se, it’s stylized enough to make things look interesting, especially for a certain building which I’m sure was made with the finest cement.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I should be saying any more on the game. Cement mixing is one of those things that you should try for yourself firsthand.

While I won’t say a lot, the game left me wishing for more. A game about cement mixing was unexpectedly more interesting than I thought there was. According to the dev’s tumblr, they don’t really have anything more planned for the game so far, but they’re working on other games similar to it. I, for one, welcome to more cement mixing games in the future.

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