Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 7th Stand User – Stand Guide

If you’re following me on Youtube or just been following me along in general, I did a let’s play of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 7th Stand User, a pretty good Jojo fangame and a good RPG Maker game in general. I even got a proper review of it over here.

One of the notable things about 7th Stand User is that you can get one of many multiple original Stands to play through the game with. The Stand you get is decided by a personality test you’re given at the beginning, sorta like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon stuff. Now, if you want to play along, you may be wondering what Stands there are and what your answers have to be to get them.

So, here’s a short guide on Stands! Of course, there’s a wiki for the game, but also, I fucking hate Fandom dude, I hate the ads. So, I hope to lessen the pain for others by transcribing the useful bits to this ad-free site.

There are nine groups of questions correlating to a personality trait, which the wikia labels as A to I. You are first asked two unique questions that will put 1 to 3 points toward one of the personality groups and asks you a question from it. Depending on your answer, you’ll then be asked a question from the previous or next group (ex: answering in group I will lead to a question from group H or A), which also adds a point to that personality group. The question asked depends on how many points you already have in that group.

The quiz ends when you get five points in a trait. A sub-trait will be decided based on which adjacent trait got the second-most points and you’ll then be awarded with a Stand.

Using my results as an example, I answered the first question saying that I prefer to be away from others and the second saying that my trust in someone depends on the circumstances. This randomly gave me 3 points in Group D, so I was first asked the third question from D. From there, I got 5 points in D, 3 points in C, 2 in B and 1 in E. And so, D was chosen as my main trait and C as my sub-trait, which gave me Wildhearts; had I leaned more toward a colder personality (E), I would have gotten Miracles instead.

Here are the sets of questions transcribed from the wikia. If you’re trying to get a specific Stand, use this to game the system. If you’re just a casual reader trying to figure out what Stand you have, get out a pen and paper and mark off points.

1 ) Where are you standing [in social circumstances]?

  • Mingling with the group
  • Right in the center
  • Off in my own place

2 ) Do you think it’s best to give people the benefit of the doubt, or is your trust something to be earned?

  • I trust them from the outset
  • I distrust them
  • Depends on the circumstances
Starting PointMinglingCenterAway

If you’re just kinda following along, for the sake of sticking to the spirit of this thing, get a random number generator to give you a number from 1 to 3. Remember to stop playing along when you get 5 points in a group!

PointsA (Serious) QuestionsYesNo
1Your boyfriend or girlfriend has left their phone behind at your house. Do you check their messages? BI
2You’re at a party and you spot someone drinking by the window on their own. They seem lonely. Do you try to make conversation? BI
3You’re working on something important, but your friend is swamped with assignments. Do you put your project on the backburner to help him?BI
4Do you think all the world’s problem will be solved if
people simply learn to cooperate?

(oof this set of questions sucks)

B (Cooperative) QuestionsYesNo
1Do you have trouble with social obligations?CA
2When your family members get sloppy, do you chastise them?AC
3Do you like to give presents that can be kept as a memento, rather than practical gifts?AC
4Do you put a high value on your individuality?AC
C (Proud) QuestionsYesNo
1Do you often go out of your way to attend others’ needs?BD
2When something good happens, do you suspect that there’s a “catch”?DB
3Do you talk to yourself frequently?DB
4Are you a good liar?BD
D (Anxious) QuestionsYesNo
1Are you flexible enough in your stances if someone puts up a persuasive counterargument?EC
2When you’re troubled, do you like to talk it out with others?CE
3Are you fussy about how others view you?CE
4Do you readily take positions of leadership?CE
E (Cold) QuestionsYesNo
1Do you like being the only person in a room?DF
2Do you think there’s no one that truly understands you?DF
3Do you dislike inviting friends over?DF
4Do you have a hard time saying “no”?DF
F (Cautious) QuestionsYesNo
1Are you a quiet person?EG
2When something exciting is going on, do you immediately perk up and want to join the fun?GE
3Are you uninterested in gambling?EG
4Do you think that life is short, and therefore enjoying yourself is most important?EG
G (Cheerful) QuestionsYesNo
1Are you often quick to throw in the towel?FH
2Do you think that people are fundamentally evil by nature?HF
3Are there people you trust so much that you feel completely at ease with them?FH
4Do you aspire to become rich?FH

Important Note: Answering Yes on the second question will also give you Karma. I have no idea what that is though but sounds bad.

H (Ambitious) QuestionsYesNo
1Do you often worry about standing out?IG
2On your days off, do you prefer going out to relaxing at home?GI
3Do you find yourself thinking “women are scary”?GI
4Are you bad at keeping still?GI
I (Calm) QuestionsYesNo
1Do you think that the ends justify the means?HA
2Do you believe in “survival of the fittest” – that it’s natural for those who are weaker to get picked off?HA
3Do you think that two against one is unfair?AH
4Do you think putting high hopes in other will just lead to being let down?HA

Important Note: You also gain Karma for answering Yes on the 2nd question and No on the 3rd; given the context I’m guessing that Karma leads to an evil route and leaning toward ambitious will lead you there.

And now, the part we’ve all been waiting for: what Stand do ya got?


A – B (Serious-Cooperative)
Long-Range/Special Type

It’s very powerful for a long-range stand, but the trade-off is low durability, hit rate and high SP consumption.

“This Stand appears as a cannon on the user’s arm. It can convert minerals into Stand power and blast it at its foes, like a battery that uses metal as fuel. It can be detached if necessary. As far as Stands go, its pure destructive capability is top of the line.”


A-I (Serious-Calm)
Close-Range/Special Type

It has low durability for a short-range Stand but makes up for it in raw damage; its status as a short-range Stand and its lack of long-range moves means it’s ineffective against long-range enemies.

“A calligraphy pen that uses the alphabet as bombs and ink as napalm. The bigger the writing, the bigger the resulting explosion, but the radius of the blast remains consistent. It can set off time bombs with a limit of up to 10 seconds. It’s repertoire of words grows as the user gains experience.”


B-A (Cooperative-Serious)
Mid-Range/Speed Type

Looking at its moveset, this guy specializes in wind-attacks, buffs, and debuffs.

A humanoid Stand that can manipulate sound. Depending on the melody it plays, it can create powerful shockwaves, sharp air blades, or echolocation-based radar just by strumming on its guitar. In addition, it can use hypnosis to induce various effects on opponents and allies alike.


B-C (Cooperative-Proud)
Mid-Range/Control Type

A mainly earth elemental attacker that also specializes in inflicting status ailments.

Can invade small things, living or otherwise, and control them. The Stand itself is tree-like, but its energy takes the form of tiny ‘pixies’. Cannot manipulate anything larger than a small child. The larger the number of pixies the user manifests, the weaker and harder to control they get. In addition, the arboreal portion can use its roots to manipulate the ground.”


C-B (Proud-Cooperative)
Long-Range/Support Type

Along with heals, it has decent elemental and status inflicting attacks, but unlike its fellow Gun, lacks any serious AOE attacks.

A large rifle that fires bullets made of Stand energy. The effects of the bullets differ, but it’s more support-oriented than attack-oriented. It can cause status effects, but also heal them. In a pinch, the barrel of the rifle itself can be used as a melee weapon.”


C-D (Proud-Anxious)
Short-Range/Swarm Type

Apparently they’re like Sex Pistols and can talk to the player with individual personalities, so I dig them. Some moves and their normal attack has the chance to halve an enemy’s stats with their unique ailment, Specials.

“There are six of them in all. This special corps is loyal to their master, but have their own will and vary in personality. Each has the power of a normal human, and damage is split between them.”


D-C (Anxious-Proud)
Long-Range/Speed Type

Low stats but makes up for it with a variety of skills. Has a sub-stand called Endless, Nameless that can do damage over time when unleashed.

A gigantic fusion of human and beast, it can move at mind-boggling speeds to capture its prey. Not physically strong, but can do considerable damage with fangs and claws. Has a mind of its own, but not a very sharp one. It is unpredictable and will often give chase to an enemy whether its user wills it or not.”


D-E (Anxious-Cold)
Long-Range/Control Type

Has very low attack and is more geared toward disabling enemies and has a skill that lowers the encounter rate.

This Stand has the power to manipulate the subconscious using bioelectricity. It can make the user invisible to others and induce hallucinated pain. It can also deflect attacks back at the foe .”


E-D (Cold-Anxious)
Short-Range/Support Type

Is the premiere Support Stand and token healer girl.

A support-oriented stand that resembles a nurse. Can cure others’ wounds and ailments, using Stand power, and if necessary, inflict a small amount of damage with scalpels and medical tools.


E-F (Cold-Cautious)
Mid-Range/Power Type

Dubbed to be pretty well-rounded and good for beginners; try to aim for this one if you don’t plan on being honest in the personality quiz and just want to do a casual playthrough.

A beast-like Stand that can howl to create powerful, far-reaching shockwaves, in addition to attacking with its fangs and claws. Well-balanced in all areas, its power is backed up by impressive speed, giving it the potential to wreak instant devastation.


F-E (Cautious-Cold)
Mid-Range/Swarm Type

Swarm Stand that specializes in electrical attacks. Can inflict the unique ailment Surrounded, which does continuous damage over time and lowers hit rate.

“A unit of Egyptian foot-soldiers, 30 in total, made entirely out of electricity. Attacks with spears, but does damage using electric currents rather than physical force. As a result, its destructive power is relative to the conductivity of its target, and it can disperse its attacks at will.”


F-G (Cautious-Cheerful)
Short-Range/Speed Type

A really good attacker – as long as the enemy is within its strong range.

A humanoid, axe-wielding Stand that resembles a certain famous killer. By chopping things with its axe, it can cause them to gradually rot. Physically speaking, its strength is nothing to write home about, but its axe can phase through objects and slice cleanly through anything regardless of hardness.”


G-F (Cheerful-Cautious)
Mid-Range/Support Type

Another talking Stand that can attack at all ranges. Can transform into Caravan Act 2, which transports you to a special shop.

A merchant Stand that can craft and transform items by rearranging their atomic structure. While fully independent, business is its only interest. In exchange for the spirit energy of the user, it can create objects – not unlike the exchange of cash for goods.


G-H (Cheerful-Ambitious)
Long-Range/Power Type

Water boy.

This long-ranged Stand can charge the user’s blood, sweat, tears, and other fluids with Stand power, then use them as projectiles. When touched, these shots create an impact not unlike being punches by a powerful Stand. However, due to the nature of the ammunition, it must be used wisely or else…


H-G (Ambitious-Cheerful)
Mid-Range/Special Type

Is generally balanced offensively and defensively but lacks long-range attacks. Also specializes in buffs and debuffs.

Using carpenters’ tools, this Stand can remodel and disassemble anything, living or otherwise. Disassembly does not inflict damage – in fact, it can refurbish and improve upon the target. Not particularly strong, and lacks precision, but fairly quick.


H-I (Ambitious-Calm)
Short-Range/Power Type

She has low accuracy, speed and defense but is the strongest Stand in the game.

Clothed in red armor, this warrior Stand uses its fists as a weapon. Its punches can knock people silly, incapacitating them temporarily. Its incredible offensive power is offset by disappointingly low accuracy… However, in terms of sheer strength, few Stands can match it.


I-H (Calm-Ambitious)
Short-Range/Control Type

Lacks power for a short-range Stand but has a variety of elemental skills and has access to a one-hit KO skill very early on.

Made of smoke, it can manipulate atmospheric density. It can poison the air around it, change the air pressure, and detonate hydrogen and oxygen particles. However, its range is extremely short. The smoke that composes the Stand flows out of the skull-faced jar in the center.” 


I-A (Calm-Serious)
Long-Range/Swarm Type

Can do continuous damage against enemies with Vampire skills while debuffing them. Can inflict Bugs, but the wikia doesn’t really explain what that is or does.

A microscopic insect horde numbering 1,000 in total. It can corrode living flesh by consuming it slowly. It has no will of its own, simply eating whatever is closest at hand. Though weak, it specializes in slowly wearing away at the enemy’s will to fight. It does not transmit damage to the user, but is difficult to command, only following certain simple instructions.”