Stephen Gillmurphy

thecatamites presenting 10 Beautiful Postcards at Fantastic Arcade

Stephen Gillmurphy

Aliases: thecatamites
Websites: Harmony Zone, Twitter,

Stephen “thecatamites” Gillmurphy is a man from Dublin known for his unusual games. His visuals comes off as messy, be it drawn sprites, paper drawings scanned into the computer, crafts or twisted models, creating colorful trash that becomes an aesthetic. A lot of the time his works feel like collages, elements strung together in the name of Game Making. His writing is charming, full of humorous diatribes and vague philosophical ramblings – sometimes meaningful, sometimes not. These aspects of his games combine into this grounded chaos that’s come to define his works.

OperativeAssailants 1_16_2018 8_08_25 PM
Operative Assailants, from 50 Short Games

He started out making freeware games, of which, Space Funeral and Goblet Grotto came to be his most well-known. His first commercial release was 50 Short Games, a collection of games that he made for the site, Glorious Trainwrecks. He’s continued on the commercial track, releasing Magic Wand and is currently working on 10 Beautiful Postcards.

MaglcWand 7_25_2017 6_56_47 PM
Magic Wand