Porpentine Charity Heartscape

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Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Websites: Slime Daughter, Patreon, itch.io, twitter, tumblr, Instagram

Porpentine is a trans game creator that dabbles in fantasy and sci-fi games, full of alien, trashy aesthetics that’s often intertwined with themes of identity. She’s most acclaimed for her works in Twine, with her most renowned Twine game being With Those We Love Alive, released in 2014. Much of her Twine works has been released under a paid compilation named Eczema Angel Orifice.

From Will of the People: Dead Biorb Rising (also referred to as Trashgame)

Porpentine has collaborated on a few projects as a writer, mainly with neotenomie. She’s recently been working on a series called Sticky Zeitgeist in collaboration with Rook, which has become a Game Maker-made series starting the second episode, embracing an odd mix of genres while still carrying her sense of aesthetics.


(She has other works that I can’t place the date for, so I’d appreciate help on this front!)

Other works: