Contract Demon

I’m sorry for the lack of updates on here. I’m adjusting to a new work schedule and I unfortunately got sucked into anime. Hunter x Hunter? It’s good. Killua is cool and my son. But, well, speaking of anime, let’s check out an adjacent thing: a visual novel!

A young demon woman named Kamilla sets out from the Netherworld on her fresh new job to get contracts. As it happens, her very first contract is from Eleni, a carefree angel that’s really into the idea of demon girls. Will this potential romance get in the way of Kamilla’s professionalism??

Contract Demon is a game by Nami, a prolific visual novel/visual novel adjacent creator with a main focus on wlw relationships. I previously checked out her Romance Detective games, which I really liked, though they suffered from being incomplete (a fact that I totally get). So, I return to her work with Contract Demon, a short and completed game

In the world of Contract Demon, demons making contracts with humans (and other humanoid entities, I guess) is a professionalized business like an office job, with the contracts becoming, well, actual contracts. This professionalization contrasts strongly with the more informal nature of the contract relationships. These days, summoners don’t care about power, they care about getting into relationships with hot demons – which Eleni is all about.

While Kamilla desperately tries to put on the mask of a traditional contract demon, Eleni just kinda wants to hang out. She treats these contracts like casual invitations, using them as excuses to be with Kamilla. Selling your soul to a demon? That’s a complete non-issue. In fact, Eleni would probably be into it, considering that she’s hardly as innocent as her angel exterior suggests. The actual tension of the story lies in how Kamilla feels about their relationship, which is treated less as an angel vs demon thing and more like a “is it weird to date a client?” thing, which I think is a fun take on that concept.

Contract Demon is one of those short and sweet things that’s a must play if you’re already into this kind of stuff. Personally, I like Romance Detective more with its wacky hijinks, but this is still pretty good. The writing is fun and I really love the character designs in this game. It has a more interesting look than that Helltaker thing everyone was horny for a while back, in all honesty.

Contract Demon is free, but if you like it that much, you can give a little money to get access to a nice backstory comic showing how Eleni first summoned Kamilla, which is a nice incentive to get people to pay more. The price threshold is actually pretty cheap too, so why not check out the backstory anyway?


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